Honey and Hives

Bees – they’re so important to life on this planet on so many levels, but I had no idea the world of bees was so fascinating until I met Valley Industries‘ apiarist Nigel Powell. Filming then editing this story was such an incredibly rewarding experience, just for all the tiny facts that exist about bees, let alone enjoying the actual honey! We hope you enjoy this short foray into the beneficial insect world as much as Nigel respects his bees.

See the blue mark? Easier to find because of it, the queen bee is marked by beekeepers prior to joining a hive. Colours are chosen on a 5 year cycle, indicating the year they are born. This queen was born in 2020 (blue indicates years ending in 5 or 0). Living up to around 5 years, a queen bee may lay up to 2000 eggs per day during her most productive years – she’ll need to for her hive, because worker bees only live a matter of weeks to a couple of months!

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