Welcoming in 2022

Our multipurpose shed ‘The Overflow’ is being used as a  Fresh Produce Farm Gate stall on Fridays while the main building is under construction.

It’s pretty big, our build. Without Covid, it was always going to take awhile and that’s not even counting building up the Wagyu herd and gardens. With Covid, well, put it this way – we’ve pushed back the opening date a few times due to ‘a few’ logistical challenges including materials and labour. But as we settle into our new normal, it’s game on for 2022.

Back or front?! It’s hard to tell, with our main build espousing a strong design ethos from all angles.

Like everywhere, this means we need to be not just patient, but flexible. We need to adapt but not settle for less. So our custom build is ongoing with a finishing date by mid 2022, while our gardens are furrowed, fertilized, planted, toiled, weeded, watered, and growing, growing, growing.  Everything is literally on its way ‘up’ but as they say nature waits for no man/woman/person!  Thus, we’ve decided to send our fresh produce straight to you.

Bring on our new regular Friday Farm Gate Produce Stall, held in our multipurpose shed ‘The Overflow’ (built by local Chris  @ Rustic Reproductions). We’ll be open from 8am to 4pm on Fridays until further notice.


You’ll be able to take home freshly harvested vegetables (grown on organic principles thanks to the hard work of Team Hill and Thompson).

Then there are our flowers (love the ethos of beneficial planting, bringing in the bees, thanks Mistress of Flowers Kirrily Hill), and honey (harvested by Manning Valley Industries from our own paddocks).

Chefs David White and Michael McMahon

And of course our tasty homemade pickles, relishes and jams made by our talented chefs David White, Michael McMahon in Nabiac Hall’s own commercial community kitchen! (It’s amazing what you’ll find in this little village).

This is truly one of the yummiest jams I have ever had.
Great with cheese or on the side!



We’ve even got somewhere for you to sit, and the Wagyu cattle are overlooking the whole operation from the neighbouring paddock.

So. Over to you. If you can get here, please do!  We hope to meet you soon.


Curious Wagyu meet curious visitors.

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