Feeling Sheepish


It’s not everyday you get to see a lamb being born. Truth be told, I never have until now. And while I wasn’t actually there for this particular event itself, I’ll just say they don’t call them ‘smart phones’ for nothing. So check out what Peter Doyle caught on his phone when he went to check on the Artisan Farmer flock one recent afternoon and came across Haddy – a Suffolk Dorper Cross ewe – in labour in his paddock. Bringing her up to the house yard so he could keep an eye on her, she birthed her lamb shortly afterwards. Imagine standing, defending, and drinking just moments after birth. The dexterity of both mother and baby is remarkable, both during and after labour. No doubt we as humans could learn a thing or two…

So congratulations Haddy the ewe and Johnny the ram! Your lamb is beautiful.





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