Perfecting Pasta… and more!

A variety of seasonal flavours, inspired by the garden

It was hard to know how to name this story – really, it should read ‘Perfecting Pasta and A Few Sauces Along The Way’ but that seems a little wordy (let alone, ‘Perfecting Pasta and A Few Sauces Along the Way While Gaining An Architectural Degree and Building A Tiny Home‘ – nice one Dan!)

And yet such diversity encapsulates the cottage industry producer – having enough products to appeal to everyone, but without diluting the main idea behind the thrust of your actual passion and business.

Fortunately for Mel and Dan, sauces and pasta go naturally together and they are great at growing and making both.

Mel and Dan arrived on the Mid North Coast with their caravan (now the tiny home) and… well, that was about it. Now several years on, they are proof that tenacity, patience, and a vision can bring you the lifestyle you imagined.

Similar to Babalila’s Tash with her chocolates, Mel the chef began by making ‘saucy’ gifts for friends and family, and from there their popularity took on a momentum all of their own. Enough, in fact, to start a small business. But how do you stand out from the crowd of other sauces on the shelves? Come up with something to go with the sauces of course.

Aha. Pasta. And not just any pasta… Instead of using eggs, Mel’s pasta’s moisture comes from locally grown and freshly picked vegetables, bringing it shelf-life and flavour. Before you know it you’re eating what’s essentially vegan pasta bathed in beautiful colours.

So here’s the business model – grow the vegies. Use them to make fresh pasta. Eat the pasta with more vegies and while you’re at it – sell it. Throw in a sauce depending on your mood. Live a healthy lifestyle. Then do it again. Seems like a win-win to me.



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