Paddock to Garden to Plate

I’m no natural gardener, so when I come across those who are, I bow my head in reverence. It means I’m looking down a lot (makes cycling hard) because I happen to live in a region prolific with green thumbs – with four such thumbs digging in the soil behind The Artisan Farmer as I write. 

Eat My Farm, led by Tim and Ange, moved into a paddock behind The Artisan Farmer mid 2017, transforming a former Wagyu grazing acre into a thriving organic vegie ‘patch’. Ignoring my gardening advice of ‘Plant, Survive or Die’ , they tend their rows daily with care – rain, hail or shine, shine, shine. Then they harvest, clean, pack and deliver the produce. As new business partners, gardening could be humanity’s greatest equiliser – and it’s a great way to quickly get to know each other.

Swapping grass for vegetables, sawapping an office for a garden, it’s obvious these hard-working tree-changers know what they are doing, each bringing complementary skills to the job. Certainly, my own vegie basket now enjoys the rewards on a weekly basis. And while the ‘patch’ already looks enormous for two pairs of hands, they’ve plans to double it in size, readying themselves for the day The Artisan Farmer opens its doors to feed the gourmet masses. Looking at how much they achieved in just four months, I suspect they’ll be filling The Artisan Farmer‘s somewhat larger public vegie basket, and plates, to the brim.

(And just so you know, I haven’t colour enhanced these photos – they’re real.)

Check out their journey below.



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    1. C’mon, what are you waiting for Carol? They say gardening is excellent physically, and mentally (all that planning ahead)! Hmmm, I should probably follow my own advice.

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