Keepin’ It Raw

Zoe and Shmu

My initial ‘testing the waters’ visit to Warinyan Farm to meet Bottled Culture fermenters Zoe and Shmu was bathed in the golden glow of the magic hour at the day’s end.

Without knowing much about fermenting food except for the ‘fizz’ and the fact there’s no heat applied, I was prepared for anything really but the terms linked to the fermenting process certainly took me by surprise! Burping; lactic bacterial acid; kombucha; scoby; culture; kimchi; gut health; bacteria; probiotics… and many more. Hopefully these unlikely candidates will soon be transformed into a marketing success to become the social norm, because their source is so delicious!

And just as Bottled Culture has transformed traditional fermenting recipes into something more, my lunchtime snacks have also been transformed. Sourdough with hommus (let’s stick with that spelling for now) and some chilli ‘Wacky Wombok’ kimchi topped with cooling cucumber… Yummo!   And I’m not talking just any hommus (although that is a delicious option), because Shmu has tapped into his middle eastern foodie upbringing to turn the traditional into the untraditionnal – I’m talking fermented sweet potato instead of chickpea hommus (who would have thought!), or a fermented babaganoush.

Then as if growing vegies wasn’t enough, they have been ‘growing’ their own home, with a mix of mud and more. And when the light pushes through those recycled bottles encased within the walls, it’s something to behold. Grand Designs – watch out.

Zoe and Shmu – talking the talk and walking the walk – they are living life sustainably, exactly as they see it. Thanks so much for the privilege of witnessing it, and tasting it!

For the film and photos, click here. 

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