All about the Pork


UPDATE: Peter’s pigs are currently in a hiatus, due to the closure of the pig processing facility up the road near Kempsey. New arrangements are being considered with the pork – stay posted!  

They’re referred to by some as the Wagyu of Pigs, delivering on flavour thanks in part to their cap of fat.

“And where there’s fat, there’s flavour!” says Peter.

So it was a fortuitous meeting when Peter Doyle came across his first Berkshire Heritage pig by chance, and he has been refining the pork ever since. Part of an ongoing breeding program, Peter is seeking to, well, breed the perfect pig –  not too fatty, not too trim. The breeding program is based around the Berkshires, Britain’s oldest established breed of pig said to be historically the favourite breed of English royalty.  A Wessex Saddleback boar was later introduced to the team, and as proof of today’s globalism, his subsequent offspring mated with a Duroc, an older American breed. Durocs are known as larger, muscled animals – a desirable feature for ham and bacon production.

Peter’s pigs are all grown outdoors, with sheds should they need shelter, trees for shade, mud for wallowing, and large yards for safety. Piglets have access to the run of the property but generally don’t venture too far from their mother. Fed a diet of grain, probiotics, and fresh food, the resulting meat is prepared locally, without the use of preservatives.

Roast it, fry it, smoke it or BBQ it, its smooth texture and abundant flavour soon melts in your mouth.

So go on. Put some on your fork and eat like royalty.