Deli / Wagyu


Peter Doyle’s fascination with Wagyu began at the impressionable age of 14, when sitting in class he watched a film featuring Japanese Wagyu enjoying some lifestyle benefits such as beer and a massage. What?! The inner farmer lurking within his city boy façade was hooked.

Jump forward several decades, Peter has developed his own method of animal husbandry for his flourishing Wagyu herds on NSW’ mid north coast. Peter has been working hard on the genetics of his cattle to tap into the growing interest in polled livestock – that is, Wagyu cattle (who are traditionally horned) bred without horns. It is a long process.

“Horns can do significant damage, both in the paddock and during transport,” Peter said. “It’s a rough playground out there!”

Weaned off their mothers onto a diet of silage later mixed with grains, his Wagyu enjoy a daily grain supplement including probiotics and seaweed, all while grazing on improved pastures and the occasional dessert of molasses for those with a sweet tooth.

The result is incredibly tender meat, thanks to the low melting point of the monounsaturated fatty acids (rich in Omega 3) knocking at the back door of The Artisan Farmer food hub itself.

It doesn’t get much more paddock to plate than that.