A Nutty Affair

Hand’n’Hoe Organic Macadamias

You can’t grow macadamias in a rush, but fortunately Hand’n’Hoe’s David is a man of patience and diligence. Moving up from Sydney as a 19-year-old suburban man, he purchased some land surrounded by national park in order to grow… well, to grow something. He didn’t actually yet know what.

David was driven by the need to build an environmentally sustainable business but in the 1970s the ‘book’ on how to grow organic macadamias in the Kippaxs valley had not yet been written. Living first in a tent for three years, then a ‘naturally ventilated and lit’ hut until a house was built, he has gradually built up an orchard and business initially through trial and error and subsequently later, success. One raised family later, he runs what has become a macadamia orchard with the help of his two sons with plans to keep it growing bigger and better. Other crops including turmeric also now take their place in the valley.

Macadamias are native to Australia. They are delicious raw, roasted, covered in chocolate, or used as oil for cooking. Personally, I can’t go past dollops of ground up macadamias (macadamia butter) dropped onto freshly steamed broccoli. It has become a frequent habit – but what a great addiction to have.