A Homage to Cheese

Comboyne Culture: Peter & Anke

Running a cheesemaking business was not always on Peter’s agenda but when fate steps in it can take you by surprise. Peter, a former engineer, previously spent much of his career overseas. Relocating locally, he then became the stay at home dad for he and Anke’s two children – a time in which he discovered the joy of making cheese first hand. As he says – it takes the same amount of effort to make five cheeses as it does 500. So when Comboyne Culture came up for sale, he jumped into the vat (so to speak), purchasing the business and relocating it from Comboyne to Taree, where he used his skills to design a purpose-built cheesemaking factory from scratch. The milk is sourced from Wauchope’s milk depot, one hour up the road. His children now grown, Peter spends his days making cheese, talking cheese, and satisfying his inner scientist by experimenting with new cheese. Their creamy textures and flavours speak for themselves.

UPDATE: Peter sold his cheesemaking business in 2019 to Hugh McLeod, who learnt the ropes off Peter and has continued on making cheese with the same enthusiasm and gusto as his former mentor!