Spice Up Your Life

Barbushco: Barbara and Bruce

Moving up from Sydney to return to their childhood ‘home’ more than 20 years ago, Barbara and Bruce got out of IT to get into an industry at a time when there wasn’t really one – a commercial native spice industry, that is. Since then, they have been part of a growing movement advocating the benefits of native spices across a range of uses and products – tea being only one of them. Targetting species which are native to their region, they have found their crops not only relatively easy to grow, but diverse in their uses both nationally and internationally.  From tea tree oil to lemon myrtle cheesecake to rosella jam, davidson plum jam and a range of infused pastas, options for using native flavours are endless… and when consumed, delicious. Today, the large industry is widely recognised across the world.

Growing native spices might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But you’ll probably want to drink it nonetheless!