Eat My Farm

UPDATE FEB 2021: The weather – you just can’t control it. So what with the drought, followed by fires, then the rain, Ange a new mum and committed elsewhere, The Artisan Farmer still under construction… well, Tim and Kirilly from Eat My Farm are taking a quick hiatus from their popular weekly veggie baskets, grabbing the kids and the caravan for a spin, ‘resting’ the beds, to return full of vim and vigour to prepare the garden for its commercial future in a few months.  Enjoy the rest while you can, Tim and Kiri!


The team behind Eat My Farm has taken over a paddock (or two) behind The Artisan Farmer. Setting up a commercial vegie ‘patch’ from scratch is pretty labour intensive (there’s an understatement). Watch this space for more on Tim and Ange’s (as well as a few extra helping hands) efforts, and be inspired to plant, plant, plant. Or hey, better still, just buy it all from them!

Here is their story:

With produce now growing prolifically, the photos below in this case definitely say a hundred – or a thousand million trillion – words.

A quick visual diary:

AUGUST 2017:



DECEMBER 2017: Hampers, anyone?