Bunyah’s Beauty

It’s hard to comprehend the difference between the lengthy drought experienced during the filming of this story, and the disastrous severe flooding events our region is currently experiencing. Admittedly, Flower Power was filmed haltingly over a period of many months, being weather and timing dependent (whoever thought a coastal region would run out of water?!). And to confuse things even more, when I began writing this, the long dry finally burst its banks – literally – and I witnessed the grass grow in the time it took the drops to fall.

Many months later, the rain now won’t stop.  Brian Parry, our third generation native flower grower within this story – I hope you, your worms, and your incredible flowers and foliage are somehow keeping dry.  Thank you for the beauty your hard labour brings to our world. May the images within this film remind us all of both extremities within severe weather events, and be grateful for the good times.

Please also take the time to enjoy the photos below – a rewarding reprieve of the world’s miracles in these strange times..

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