New Beginnings

There’s no doubt the last six months across this region and beyond redefined the boundaries of ‘challenging’ for many Australians. But life is resilient, and despite the drought, bushfires, floods, and threat of Covid 19, work has continued behind the lockdown to realise the full potential of The Artisan Farmer within an onsite presence of a cafe, deli and bakery. So pop open that champagne bottle and watch this space, the site office has been delivered and the Construction Certificate and its commitments, are in. Sometimes it’s the journey as well as the destination that matters so please, join us as we take our steps, slowly but confidently, towards realising a dream.


13 Replies to “New Beginnings”

  1. SO looking forward to the much anticipated opening. Congratulations, you must be feeling like you’ve wandered down a dark tunnel. As is said ‘Its not so much the destination, rather more the journey. I think both in this instance has a lot to be said. Well done The Artisan Farmer’.

  2. Thanks so much for the update. We’re looking forward to the opening, please keep me informed. Kind regards, Pam.

  3. Artisan Farmer will help support the nutrition and positive vibes side of health and give Nabiac a welcome boost. We will watch in anticipation on your wholesome journey.

  4. Great sign on the highway you’ve got us googling you to find out more. Looking forward to dropping in on the way to Port Macquarie in the future.

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