Glorious Garlic

Mulch, mulch, mulch the garlic.

They say if you haven’t planted your garlic by May, then you might as well forget it.

Well, it’s now May, and as per usual I haven’t done a thing about it… But I bet Jan Goroncy has.

I first heard about Barrington’s Jan Goroncy when I was working at the local paper – a local fondly referred to him as ‘the father’ of Gloucester’s garlic movement, and it had just won a foodie award in Melbourne.

“Well,” I thought, “there’s a story.”

Juggling responsibilities between an online healthcare business and his farm near Barrington, Gloucester, Jan’s passion for wholistic farming is contagious. He is a biodynamic farmer – think Steiner, think anthroposophy,  linking a mystical cosmos to the natural world of scientific facts. He buries cow dung in cow horns in synch with seasons and the moon; undug months later, the revived dung no longer has the qualities of poo – it doesn’t smell but instead has turned into an incredibly rich, fertile soil which is heavily diluted with biodynamically ‘treated’ water and then used as a fertiliser. Of course I had to ask – turns out the water treatment is about ‘breaking the memory of the water’ – then I had to ask about that too and found a simple answer – all water on earth is recycled, so it has millions of years of memory. Now there’s an interesting concept!

With no chemicals used; locally re-purposed oyster shells ground for their calcium;  ‘heavily scented’ (there’s an understatement) re-purposed ‘fish stew’ brewed for, um… everything,  the farming is hard work, but the flavour of produce speaks for itself. Suffering from a slight bout of pneumonia at the time of filming, Jan’s garlic nonetheless blew my head off. Fantastic!!





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    1. Excellent video documenting Jan and Lesley’s farm. Their holistic approach to farming ensures the soil is healthy and so are contributing to the health of the planet. Thank you.

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